The Oddly Satisfying Science of Organization

Have you ever watched one of those oddly satisfying videos showing a perfect fit or perfectly organized space and felt your brain practically breathe a contented sigh? There’s a reason you get that feeling: science

Watching someone flawlessly frost a cake or seeing a perfect coil of cables triggers a response in the brain that releases the happiness hormones, serotonin and dopamine. There’s a reason some people use the copious videos available on the internet to fall asleep. Other people fill their Instagram feeds with “organization porn” featuring beautiful, minimalistic tableaus. 

And this “ahhh” feeling has a physical effect. Good design and good organization is good for you. One study found keeping a tidy home contributed to overall health. A cluttered home literally spikes your stress hormone

If subscribing to satisfying content online boosts your mood, imagine the impact that organizing your physical space can have on your life. One easy way to take control of your space and give your brain a little breathing room is to organize your supplement and medication routine. The Nokabox is more than a cute pill box. It’s a way to take control of your daily needs. The satisfyingly organized compartments are definite “design porn” and the time and hassle you’ll save will keep that good feeling rolling. 

Upgrade your pill organizer and take control of your health in more ways than one!