Noka Supply Co. is flipping the script on traditional health products. Inspired by frustrations with current health accessories, we set out to design a full product line that will change how you feel about taking care of your health. Nokabox, our reimagined pillbox, is just the beginning.

Our name, “noka”, is inspired by the Angonoka Tortoise of Madagascar whose shell is not only the tortoise's home, but also an exceptionally stylish, protective camouflage. Blending elegance with utility, noka pays homage to a solution that nature already perfected.

Reimagining those cheap, plastic pillboxes.

Meet Nokabox, the redesigned weekly pill organizer. From planners to last minute-ers, athletes, patients, and travelers, we perfected the design through intense research and user feedback to ensure the design is as functional as it is beautiful.

“I use this product everyday and love it. I've been taking vitamins my whole life, but never even considered buying a pillbox before – they are so bulky and ugly. With my nokabox, all my supplements are conveniently separated and stored in a gorgeous, sleek container. No longer do I need to reach into my cabinet and open multiple vitamin bottles a day!” — DAVID

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