Unexpected Things That Bring You Joy and Improve Your Health

The internet is filled with health tips and tricks that are effective and scientifically supported. However, even the best suggested diets or exercise routines can be time consuming, strenuous, or expensive. Did you know there are actually hundreds of simple things you can do that both bring you joy and improve your health, leading you closer to your desired mental and physical state? These easily accomplished activities take little time out of your day, but can have huge benefits long term.

Keep a Journal

Writing in a personal, secretive notebook allows you to confess your struggles and fears. If you deal with anxiety, depression, or almost any mental health issue, journaling can be a simple way to self-reflect, increase your happiness, and enhance brain function. Consolidating your feelings allows you to quickly expunge, identify, or deal with these emotions head on, increasing joy.

Go Outside

Have you ever stared at a landscape and felt instantly at ease? Going outside actually benefits physical and mental health. Whether you like hiking, camping, laying out at the beach, or just sitting in your backyard, being immersed in nature has proven effects on your mood, immune system, and more. Simply looking at a bird in a tree can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, increase focus, shorten healing time, and improve your aging. 

Light a Candle

Candles are viewed as mainly decorative, but these fragrant pieces of decor actually improve your health. Candlelight can reduce stress and increase self-awareness. Aromatherapy is a holistic health treatment and spending just a few minutes with a burning flame can calm your mind, affect your mood, stimulate your memory, and help you sleep. 

Laugh or Smile

Laughing and smiling are two natural and subconscious ways to better your health. They are both a reaction to and creator of joy. Even forcing the two actions, like lifting the corners of your mouth, can improve your mood. Laughing or smiling increases your heart rate, reduces pain, and even strengthens your immune system.

Organize With Your Nokabox

One easy way to take control of your space and give your brain a little breathing room is to organize your supplement and medication routine. Nokabox’s satisfyingly organized compartments save you time and hassle, and organization is proven to reduce stress, improve happiness, and even improve your eating and exercise habits. 

Hug Someone

Simply hugging allows an individual to feel happier and decreases the harmful effects of stress and anxiety, boosting particular hormones and making people feel good. A genuine deep hug can help you feel safe, boost self-esteem, and increase awareness. Hugging also benefits physical health by strengthening your immune system, relaxing your muscles,  increasing circulation, and boosting heart health. A hug can leave you happier and more relaxed, benefiting both you and the person you’re hugging.

Listen to Music

Music is proven to ease pain, boost your creativity, and stimulate memory. Songs come in various tempos and tones, leading to different effects and benefits. Fast music motivates while slow music relaxes and soothes. The best part: music can be listened to at any time of the day during almost any activity. It is one of the easiest ways to improve your health and increase happiness.

Take a Hot Shower

After a long, stressful day a hot shower is an immediate relaxer, but we often do not realize the apparent health benefits a simple shower can provide. Beyond making you feel good, hot showers can help your mind, body, and skin. The effects of the hot water lowers blood sugar and pressure, induces sleep, relieves muscle pain, and moisturizes skin.