The Benefits of Morning Routines (Part 1)

Does snoozing your alarm to gain only minutes of additional sleep seem like an effective way to fuel your day? For most of us, getting dressed and ready to walk out the door with the proper time and attention seems secondary to the benefits of extra sleep. However, this mindset creates a harmful pattern of rushing, multitasking, and catching-up. In reality, introducing a daily routine to your mornings can enhance productivity and success in your short and long term endeavors. Reduce stress and error by incorporating a personalized, proven, and significant morning routine daily. 


People hide poor emotional health with a smile or forced positive attitude, because emotional health as an excuse in the workplace is not as accepted as a physical ailment. However, emotional and physical conditions have potentially equal consequences on daily efficacy. Being anxious, sad, overwhelmed, or tired can result in lower productivity and a continuous inability to reach your full potential. However, adopting a routine that restarts every day with confidence, resilience, organization and stability can be positively transformative. This renewed sense of inner peace and tranquility can lead to a better night’s sleep and refreshed mornings.

A morning routine gives you ample time to schedule and prepare for daily tasks, eliminating anxiety and enhancing productivity. Mornings consist of essential, simple tasks like brushing teeth, taking pills, or eating breakfast. By allocating sufficient time to each morning activity, they will no longer interfere with or affect varying tasks throughout the day. Effectively prioritizing time allows us to not only work quickly, but with proficiency. 


Give the utmost importance to making time in the morning before the rush of your schedule. Hitting the snooze button can be enticing, but also detrimental to the foundation of your morning routine. Waking up at a predetermined time starts everything off on the right note, sets the tone for the tasks to come, and allows you to enjoy and benefit from your routine. No one is telling you to wake up before the crack of dawn. Lengthy, extravagant routines can actually be harmful to your daily productivity, perpetuating procrastination and poor time-management. Multiple activities with the same goal and intentions is a form of stalling and unnecessary time wasting. Rather, give yourself an amount of time that is most realistic for your needs and expectations, ranging anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

Most of us immediately reach for our phones to see the latest news, our notifications, or to simply waste time immediately after waking. While this may seem productive, it is actually essential to remove this enticing habit. Checking your phone affects your mind and sets a negative habit of distraction for the rest of the day, making you ultimately less productive. Introducing movement and mindfulness into your morning routine is essential to maintaining a head start on your day.

In addition to your mind, nurturing your physical health in the morning by fueling your body with the proper foods, vitamins, and prescription pills can benefit your daily success. Supporting your physical health can lead to higher energy, alertness, and happiness throughout the day.