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Our weekly pill organizer features compartments large enough to hold supplements and vitamins as well as medications, an innovative double magnet design to keep compartments in place while allowing for easy taking, and a top-fill design to save you time and frustration when sorting your pills. Now available in a one-per-day or AM/PM option.

  • Highly durable and BPA-free polycarbonate
  • Vegan leather
  • Performance canvas
  • Microfiber lining
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Capacity for each drawer: 4 fish oil, or 8 multivitamin, or 24 aspirin

  • Dimensions (One a Day): 4.3" x 3.2" x 1.2"
  • Dimensions (AM/PM): 7.4" x 3.2" x 1.2"
  • Meet the Nokabox

    This is the pill box for how you live today.

    Discreet Sunday Indicators

    The gold dot discretely marks Sunday so you always know which side to open—the filled circle indicates AM and the outlined circle indicates PM.

    Easy to Fill

    The top lid opens completely, making your weekly pill sorting a breeze!

    Magnetic Drawers

    Magnets hold the drawers in the open and closed position, and also come out completely to tip the pills into your hand. Our drawers are large enough for both supplements and medications.

    Secure Fabric Cover

    The fabric cover closes with a magnetic clasp, ensuring that your pills never end up at the bottom of your bag. The days of the week are printed on the inside so you always know which drawer to open.



    Whether you’re on the road for work or adventure, we created the Nokabox to ensure you never miss a day of the vitamins and pills that keep you running at your best.

    Stylish and functional

    “I really love my Nokabox! I use it for my daily supplements and at my age I take more than a few. It's stylish enough to leave in plain view so I don't forget–great engineering and so attractive. I also love giving Nokaboxes as gifts!”

    — Anne

    “It's the special attention to how it looks and how it feels that makes the nokabox totally different from any other kind of medication organizer. It's a statement that says I care about my health and I like fine accessories. I have bought several as gifts for my friends."

    — Kathleen
    Gorgeous and Useful

    “I use this product everyday and love it. I've been taking vitamins my whole life, but never even considered buying a pillbox before - they are so bulky and ugly. With my nokabox, all my supplements are conveniently separated and stored in a gorgeous, sleek container. No longer do I need to reach into my cabinet and open multiple vitamin bottles a day. I leave it out on my desk at work or the table of a restaurant with pride that I own something so stylish.

    — Sarah
    cute travel weekly pill organizer
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    Cassandra B.
    Canada Canada

    Love how secure it is!

    I was tired of using a plastic pill organizer and worrying about pills falling out if I threw it in a bag to go away for the weekend. With the magnets and design of the Nokabox, I don't have to worry about that anymore! I love how easy it is to refill and the individual pill slots are spacious enough to hold all my post-transplant pills. I wish it came with cleaning instructions but that is my only (small) complaint!

    Noka Supply Twice a Day Review
    Kathleen C.
    United States United States

    This is a leap forward in pillbox design

    Very stylish and functional and if you have several you can fill them up for weeks to reduce the time spent on that process.

    Noka Supply Twice a Day Review
    United States United States

    Best pill case ever!

    I love that the little drawers are magnetized and never fall out to spill their contents. I haven’t traveled with it yet, but I’m pretty sure it could bp in luggage without ziplocks and rubber bands. I think it’s brilliant!

    Shawna W.
    United States United States

    I love this product!

    Nothing falls out, it’s easy to fill by lifting the top, the magnets keep everything in place. It couldn’t be better unless it was less expensive! I’m waiting for a sale for a few more!

    Australia Australia

    the answer

    i’ve tried something like 6 different pill boxes and this is the only sturdy one. the fact that its damn gorgoues doesnt hurt. a nice feature would be to have a lid for the pill compartments to carry individually but its small enough that carrying the whole thing around is easy. thanks!

    Canada Canada

    Great product and customer service

    I have the original Nokabox and it's been so helpful in managing my medication. I got the twice-a-day Nokabox as well and it's, no surprise, great! I had a minor problem with the magnet on my box and was fine with still using it but Nokabox insisted on sending me a replacement for free! I really appreciated that and will continue to support Nokabox and recommend their product to others.

    Rebecca C.
    United States United States

    Just what I needed

    I don’t like taking my meds with me since some people are so judgmental. But being necessary, the ability to have what you need organized and in plain, magnetized case makes keeping them with you much easier and more discreet. Expensive but the sigh of relief was close to worth it.

    United States United States

    Great for travel

    I travel abroad with dozens of vitamins, placing them all in medium-sized canisters that have dividers inside. It's very convenient to then just fill one week's worth in the Noka. I also find the detachable magnetic individual containers helpful - I place one out out on counter to remind me for lunch, and one for bedside table for my evening vitamins. High quality and beautiful.

    United States United States

    Love this sleek design!

    My partner is the hardest person to shop for when it comes to birthdays and holidays, and I LOVE the Nokabox as a gift! Its design is so simple, non-feminine, and practical, but also beautiful, so I feel like I'm going to be gifting Nokaboxes to everyone I know for the next year. I'm so happy to replace my partner's "grandpa pill box".

    Maitreya D.
    United States United States


    I like it so far. Reloading is slightly annoying, though: the "wings" don't stay unfolded and I have to use something to weigh them down while I fill the drawers.

    Aly T.
    United States United States

    I love it!

    The Nokabox makes it so much easier to remember to take my meds. It’s cute, fits nicely on my nightstand, and I just all around love it. All of it is magnetic so even the slides stay in place but are still easy to remove.

    Noka Supply Twice a Day Review
    United States United States

    Love my Nokabox!

    Making the upgrade from a plastic pillbox to the Nokabox has been so nice. It’s compact and sleek but still does a great job of holding all of my supplements. It’s a very cute pillbox and I highly recommend it!

    Noka Supply Twice a Day Review
    United States United States

    Great style but not enough room

    I couldn’t fit my vitamins in a single day. If the compartments were slight larger it would be perfect. I would not recommend it to my friends and patients due to the limitation in size of each day.

    A Noka Supply Customer
    Jacqueline S.
    Canada Canada

    Almost perfect

    Hi! I got the Twice a Day Nokabox after having such a great experience with The Original Nokabox. I've been trying out the Twice a Day box and think it will be great for trips or getaways where I carry more vitamins on me and not just my day to day pills, for which the Original remains the perfect size and weight! My one complaint is that one of my pill drawers on my Twice a Day box does not connect to the magnet. So it sticks out until I push it in and then it falls out if I am not careful. I tried swapping the drawer around and it seems to be a combination of both the drawer (it doesn't magnetize to any other spaces) and the space (no other drawer will magnetize to it but they'll work in other spaces). I hope that makes sense. It's the Monday AM drawer/space if that makes any difference. Thanks!

    Noka Supply Twice a Day Review
    A Noka Supply Customer
    Alvaro S.
    United States United States


    Easy to refill, and very stylish. A little too stylish, though, as it's hard to differentiate between night and day sides.

    Anne A.
    United States United States

    Meets all my needs for RX and supplement storage

    This new design is the best. I can fit all my meds and supplements in the AM / PM box. The top fill is very easy. It’s a great product. I’d love to see it in some hip colors. Thanks for working so hard on this product. You got it right.