Behind the Design: A Spill-proof Pill Organizer

The Nokabox pill organizer's spill-proof, double magnet design happened by accident. Early in the process of creating the Nokabox, Lauren tested different versions using 3D printing. The sliding drawers initially had a mechanism that kept them from being completely removed, but issues with the 3D printer meant that the mechanism did not work correctly. When Lauren tested the prototype with customers, they remarked how handy the removable drawers were! Rather than explain the mistake, Lauren realized she had stumbled onto a better design. 

Nokabox cute pill box one drawer out
From there, the challenge was to design a completely removable drawer that would also stay in place without detracting from the box being cute and stylish. Enter: Magnets. Positioned in two places, tiny magnets hold the drawers closed and open and also allow you to remove the drawer completely to tip the pills into your hand. The best part about magnets? In addition to basically being magic, they have a satisfying haptic feel—there is a slight tug when pulling the drawer out and, after you have taken your pills, you can feel the box suck the drawer back in. Who knew that taking your pills could be delightful?