Time-Saving Travel Hacks to Save You Time on Travel Days

When's the last time you sprinted through an airport because you arrived to the airport with only 20 minutes to get through security and to your gate? Be honest. If you're thinking about your last trip, then listen up, this one is for you. If you're someone who arrives two hours ahead of time with a color coded packing list, these tips will be just up your alley, too! 


Use suitcase organizers 

Once you have everything on your packing list compiled, pack in compartments. You can buy suitcase organizers to help make the packing process easy and efficient- like a Nokabox for your clothes! You’ll save time packing and you’ll save time when it comes time to unpack, put together outfits, and find necessities. Not ready to shell out for luggage bags and dividers? Gallon storage bags work well for keeping smaller items like socks tidy. Keep them in your suitcase from trip to trip to make sure you don’t have to waste time tracking them down on your next excursion. 


Organize all your pills and supplements in a NokaBox

Before any trip, take the time to divvy up all your pills for the week so you don’t forget to take your medications and supplements as directed. To save time on the process, make sure you use a Nokabox. The Nokabox pill box is designed for speedy refills so you can fill up a whole week in just moments. The drawers won’t slide out until you want them to so you can take all the time you’d spend searching the bottom of your backpack for lost pills and do what you really want to be doing-- choosing which in-flight movie you’ll fall asleep to. 


Plan your packing 

We’ll shout it from the rooftops: pack the night before! You’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again. There is perhaps no better travel habit to adopt than leaving yourself enough time to get everything you need packed and ready with plenty of breathing room. While it may seem like spending fifteen frantic minutes throwing everything in eyesight into your suitcase while your ride waits downstairs is saving you time, it’s going to cost you more time in the long-run. We get it, you work well under pressure, but you also risk having to find a store in the airport or at your destination to replace the things you forgot. Make a packing list a few days out from your trip to ensure you have time to buy or order any items you don’t have on hand. Then put everything together in a relatively organized manner so you don’t have to lose time rummaging through bags trying to find that one tiny item you’re absolutely certain is rattling around in there somewhere.  


Take photos of key information

Paper is easy to lose track of, but if you’re anything like us, you know exactly where your phone is at all times. Take photos of key information like your hotel address or your host’s phone number so you don’t have to worry about hard copies or having to find WiFi to google the information. 


Keep a “go bag” of spare items 

There are some essentials you will always need when you travel that are also the hardest things to keep track of. We’re talking about things like phone chargers and headphones. Get a spare set of each of these items and keep them in a handy bag (store it in your carry on when you’re home for extra convenience) so that you know you’ll have them ready to go even if you can’t find your favorite version when it’s time to walk out the door. It’s even worth getting a spare Nokabox that you can fill with the absolute essentials you’ll need for travel (just check how they need to be stored). One of our team members never leaves the house without a spare Nokabox with drawers full of Advil, melatonin, and Lactaid pills. 


Call your credit card company before you leave 

There is nothing worse than arriving in a new city, striding up to an ATM, and… finding out your credit card has been shut off for a security alert. Instead of waiting to sort the situation out when you’re in an unfamiliar place with questionable cell service, call your credit card company ahead of time to let them know you’ll be using the card in a new place. Save even more time by combining this task with another, like walking the dog or waiting for a dentist appointment.