6 Healthy Habits to Take With You When You Travel

Your health doesn’t take a vacation. When you are on the go it’s even more important to give your body all the support it needs. The healthy habits you are so good about prioritizing at home don't need to be left behind. In fact, those habits might just be the most important things you pack. 

Take Your Pills 

Carve out time to take your medications and supplements as directed. Instead of lugging around a cumbersome bag of pill containers, snag a Nokabox pill organizer to make sure your entire week of pills, divided by day and AM/PM, are packed and ready to go before you even leave your house. The best part about having a Nokabox, which is designed with travelers in mind, is its easy-fill design won’t add another lengthy chore to your pre-travel chaos. 

Drink Your Water

Staying hydrated when you travel is no easy feat. Air travel especially takes a toll on your hydration since the air in the cabin of planes is so dry. Early mornings and long drives might have you reaching for extra coffee, and caffeine will make the dehydration even worse. Not to mention when you arrive at your destination, there is likely a packed itinerary, yummy coffee and alcohol to consume, and a different level of activity than you might be accustomed to. All of this adds up to put a strain on your body. While you might be too distracted to notice how parched you are, you can bet your body is feeling the effects. To ensure you don’t end up dehydrated, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. Carry a water bottle with you for easy sipping or make it a point to ask for a bottle or glass of water (depending on where you’re traveling to) with each meal or round of drinks.   

Eat to Fuel Your Day 

You may have reservations for all the best restaurants in your destination city, but what are you going to eat on your way from airport to train station? Or maybe you’re wheels down only 30 minutes before you have to be in a business meeting... what then? A little pre-planning can go a long way towards making sure you have enough of the foods you need to keep your energy levels up for all you have to get accomplished in one day. Pack a handful of your favorite bars, snack packs, and healthy nibbles in each of the bags you’ll be carrying. Having a quick snack on hand can make the difference between a good travel day and a hangry one. Plus, having a healthy snack ahead of time can make it easier to make the choices you want to make when it comes time to order since you won’t be too hungry. 

Charge Your Devices 

Your body isn’t the only thing that needs fueling to get through the day. Make sure your electronic devices are charged up throughout the day. That way you’ll never be without a necessary app like GPS or your boarding pass. A fully charged battery will eliminate unnecessary stress. 

Double Check Your Packing List 

One of the best travel habits you can adopt happens before you ever hop in a cab and head to the airport. Making a thorough packing list and then checking it twice, can keep you from getting to your hotel room and realizing you don’t have the pillowcase you absolutely rely on to get a good night’s rest. Make sure all the essentials for healthy travel are written down and go through your checklist the night before you travel. Try not to wait until the last minute so you have time to shop for anything you notice is missing! 

Change Your Attitude

Travel is draining. There are so many factors outside of your control and so many things can go wrong. From flat tires to cancelled flights, there are endless opportunities for frustration, fury, and impatience. A positive attitude can make a big difference in a travel day. Think about travel as an adventure-- not just once you arrive, but while you’re on your way-- so that even the biggest stressors can seem more like excitement than crises. Reframing your perspective to be one of looking for the fun, beauty and novelty of an experience will make it possible to have a good trip, even when everything goes wrong.